I've owned several routers over the years- a Dlink DSL-G604T (OK) a Linkysys WaG54g-V2 (good) and a Linkysys WAG120n(very bad). The Billion replaced the latter and has been up and installed for nearly 3 months. I have never rebooted it yet. That says it all.

Billion 400G Router Chapter 1: Introduction Introduction to your Router Your Billion 400G router is an “all-in-one” ADSL router, combining an ADSL 2/2+ modem/router and network switch, providing everything you need to you connected to the Internet using your ADSL connection. Billion BiPAC 7800N Dual WAN ADSL2+/Broadband Wireless-N A high quality 4-gigaport wireless 'N' Draft 2.0 modem/router that features a Dual WAN interface with one ADSL2/2+ port and an additional Ethernet WAN port for cable/fibre/2nd ADSL2/2+ connectivity. The 7800N offers increased wireless coverage and faster wireless speeds with 2T x 3R technology (2 transmit/3 receive), and is also integrated with Fastest Billion 5200G Router Port Forwarding Simple Billion 5200G Router Port Forwarding Instructions Billion 5200G routers include a very basic firewall that helps protect your home network form unwanted access from the internet. Since this firewall blocks incoming connections you may need open a port through it for certain games and applications. Best wireless routers 2020: the best routers available

Jul 20, 2020 · Best Wireless Routers Under $50 ASUS 3-in-1 Router (RT-N12) Review If you are trying to find a good reliable router for under $50.00, you have come to the right place.

The Billion BiPac 7800N is an amazing router. It has the capabilities to download at high speed over wireless and through an Ethernet connection. Even with 4 mobile phones, 3 Laptops, one XBOX 360 and a desktop computer all running simultaneously, the speeds remained constant better yet, the wireless range is absolutely amazing, managing to Port Forwarding - Billion Routers/Modems | PcWinTech.com™ Port Forwarding - Billion Routers/Modems. If your router is not listed on this site or in the programs I can add them! By adding your router I can create all the guides, screenshot databases and have your router work in my programs. All you need to do is use my easy to use router screen capture program. This will make getting me the data easy How To Setup a TP-Link Router as a Wireless Access Point

Billion BIPAC 7800N - wireless router - DSL modem - 802.11b/g/n - desktop overview and full product specs on CNET.

Billion BIPAC 7800N - wireless router - DSL modem - 802.11b/g/n - desktop overview and full product specs on CNET. Jan 16, 2017 · All the routers are still in widespread use in Thailand, with the Billion 5200W-T router currently being distributed to new customers. These routers are based on the TC3162U SoC (or variants of it), a system-on-a-chip made by TrendChip, which was a manufacturer of SoC that was acquired by Ralink / MediaTek in 2011. Billion 8920NZ office 4G router. Built-in 4G modem means that the Billion BiPAC 8920NZ 4G ROuter can be used as a stand alone 4G Router for the office or it can utilise the built-in ADSL modem to provide wired office broadband Internet and failover to the embedded 4G modem. The Billion 8920 router is an M2M style router ideal for the office user that wants connectivity reliability as well as The European Union's order to Apple to pay 13 billion euros ($14 billion) in back taxes "defies reality and common sense", the U.S. firm said as the two sides sparred in a case key to the EU's May 26, 2013 · SG broadband routers & modems - Billion BiPAC 6200WZL Dual-WAN 3.75G Wireless-N 150Mbps Broadband Router In addition, certified by EU E-Mark, Billion’s in-vehicle routers with dual LTE, Wi-Fi Hotspot and anti-vibration have been deployed for smart buses and police cars, providing superior high May 28, 2019 · Q1 revenues of $9.1 billion were down 14% from the first quarter of 2019 and were the lowest seen since the first quarter of 2013. Ethernet switches, enterprise routers and service provider routers all saw double digit declines in Q1 relative to 2019.