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Transient Buffers New informal class of Buffer Used for (e.g.) UI/Text Things that are dynamic, but few vertices each—and may need to be updated on odd schedules DYNAMIC flag at creation time Transient Buffers are part of a new class of buffer…

Since we have multiple ring buffers now that have a field off distance if we did a special join all the parcel sin this area would have a distance attribute that said 300 meters. And then all of the ones in this buffer here, would have a distance attribute of 600 and the ones in here would have 900. White Paper Processing Multiple Vinodh Gopal Buffers in Length Buffers Basic multi-buffer implementations work on identical workloads. In particular, they work on multiple buffers as long as all of the buffers are the same length. But in many applications the buffers are of different lengths. To bridge this gap we use a “scheduler”.

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