Dec 11, 2018

Internet Not Working For iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Oct 08, 2016 Why isn't my Internet working on my iPhone? Make sure the Wi-Fi is on and go into there and choose the forget network option. Settings>Wi-fi>select the network>select "Forget this Network", then try reconnecting making sure you have the right password and not too far from the hotspot/router. Fix iPhone Connected to Wi-Fi but Internet Not Working in Wi-Fi not working on iPhone or iPhone connected to Wi-Fi but the internet not working seems a similar issue. However, the Wi-Fi symbol will reflect on the iPhone screen, but the page won’t load on the Safari app or even you can’t download apps. Ultimately, the Wi-Fi connection is fine but the internet is not working on the iPhone.

Now I've had my iPhone for over a year now and has always been able to connect to Wi-Fi in my home. Nothing has changed at all and I have not physically damaged my phone. When I go into settings on my iPhone, it does not even show my network that I should be automatically connected to at all. On my computer the internet works just fine.

Wi-Fi or 4G Not Working: How To Fix Internet Problems On Restart your iPhone Press and hold the power button (on the top of smaller iPhones, or on the righthand side on larger ones) until the 'slide to power off' symbol appears. On X-series iPhone you'll

Once the settings are in, turn your iPhone off (via the slider, press and hold top button) till the screen is completely blank. Then turn your iPhone on. If you do not see the apple logo, the settings have not stuck. In this case go back to step 1 and repeat. Step 6: Press settings> messages. Turn iMessage on. Do not toggle if already on.

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