Mar 25, 2009

Hello I wish to use rasdial to start a vpn so I can do this and some other tasks from a vbs script, but rasdial does not seem to want to work. My vpn connection is saved in: C:\Windows\System32\ras\SEEVPN.pbk. I start a command prompt and type the following: rasdial SEEVPN username password windows - How to connect to a VPN at startup? - Super User The way my VPN connection (via IKEv2) works, rasdial doesn't need the username and password as parameters. But if your situation is different, there are ways to avoid the plain text password in the script: This article explains how to encrypt and save text using Powershell: Programmatically Finding, Connecting to, and Disconnecting Oct 20, 2017 Deleting an Always On VPN Device Tunnel | Richard M. Hicks

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