It allows you to generate a ‘public’ key which you give to others to allow them to encrypt and send messages to you, and a ‘private’ key which remains on your Android device and is used to

Aug 03, 2018 How to Encrypt Your Android Phone (and Why You Might Want to) Jul 28, 2016 How to Encrypt Files on Your SD Card Using Your Android Mar 17, 2019 How to Unlock Android Phone's Safe Folder - Make Tech Easier On certain Android handsets, there is a built-in safe feature that allows you to encrypt and hide these private files using a pattern or PIN. Retrieving these files can sometimes be tricky, as the exact location of the safe is hidden from view in specific phones.

Jul 17, 2019

Jun 11, 2017 How To Encrypt Android Phone? - OS Today

How to Hide Folders on Android: 2 Ways

The new Android OS, due out before the end of the year, is set to encrypt device data by default, a first for the Android universe—but it'll probably be a while before default encryption comes File Encryption Windows 10 for Windows and Android - Free