compartmentalize definition: 1. to separate something into parts and not allow those parts to mix together: 2. to separate…. Learn more.

Compartmentalization need-to-know-basis is a mind control strategy to contain and control the field of academics, scientists, military and government personnel who are complicit in carrying out the destructive and harmful behavior of the NAA and Power Elite, and are rewarded monetarily and socially for going along with reinforcing the alien invasion of our planet and enslavement of humanity. Compartmentalization is one way to lighten the emotional baggage that we carry. There are different ways to look at compartmentalization depending on the circumstances in which we are using it. It can be a way for someone to do something they would normally find objectionable, or it can be a way to better manage and shoulder emotional loads. compartmentalization meaning: 1. the act of separating something into parts and not allowing those parts to mix together: 2. the…. Learn more. Compartmentalization is a boundary-setting process that protects the vascular cambium from attack and that favors tree survival. Wood decay fungi and their associates exploit and create Compartmentalization is a concept developed by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) to enable international trade to continue in the event of a notifiable disease outbreak. Compartmentalization is separation by common management and biosecurity measurements while regionalization or zones are based on geography. Decompartmentalize definition, to divide into categories or compartments. See more.

Apr 19, 2019 · Compartmentalisation is an aspect which, whether we like it or not, applies to everything regarding our day to day lives. Given the fact that we are now connected to the whole wide world 24/7, it has become more important than ever to set boundaries and also respect them, which is, of course, no easy task.

Jun 21, 2016 · Compartmentalization in these cases is a great decision, one that is about self-love and self-care. The important factor is that it be a consciously taken, purposeful decision. Sep 29, 2018 · Compartments are groups of muscle tissue, blood vessels, and nerves in your arms and legs surrounded by a very strong membrane called the fascia. Fascia does not expand, so swelling in a Examples of compartmentalize in a Sentence He compartmentalizes his life by keeping his job and his personal life separate. The company has compartmentalized its services. Recent Examples on the Web So instead of trying to compartmentalize the discomfort, spread it out.

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