TikTok will be banned in Pakistan unless it cracks down on "immoral, obscene, and vulgar content," the country's government has said. The warning came after Pakistan blocked live streaming app Bigo.

Pakistan to continue ban on YouTube - NDTV.com Islamabad: Five months after YouTube was banned in Pakistan for hosting clips from a controversial anti-Islam film, authorities have said there are no plans to remove restrictions on the popular Best performing YouTube Channels in Pakistan – The new era But Pakistan has had its share of issues with social media before. Remember when Pakistan Telecommunication Authority had blocked YouTube in 2008 because of “non-Islamic objectionable videos”? Also, in 2010 it had banned Facebook for popularizing “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day”. (Eventually, it had to lift the ban in two weeks though!) Is it true that youtube is banned in Pakistan? - Quora Aug 19, 2016 Jul 23, 2020 · #youtubeban #YTbaninpakistan #pakistan Youtube Getting banned in Pakistan. Subscribe for more info. Thanks

The Pakistan government repeatedly asked YouTube to remove the video, but were repeatedly rebuffed by the California company claiming that it would be a violation of free speech. YouTube’s refusal led to a 2012 Supreme Court ban of the world’s largest video provider for “blasphemous content.”

Pakistan unblocks access to YouTube - BBC News Jan 18, 2016 Reasons why YouTube should not be Banned in Pakistan Jul 22, 2020

In response Youtube Banned in Pakistan. The DG also told the bench that the authority had been vigorously monitoring and blocking the anti-Islam video from the World Wide Web.

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