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Sep 28, 2015 BGP/MPLS IP VPNs - NANOG Archive VPN labels The idea: Use a label to identify the next-hop at the remote PE. Also called VPN label. The label is distributed by BGP, along with the VPN-IP address. Traffic will carry two labels, the VPN label and the LSP label. The remote PE makes the forwarding decision based on the VPN label. BGP/MPLS IP VPN Configuration - S1720, S2700, S5700, and Apr 23, 2020 Solved: BGP and MPLS Basics - Cisco Community

Difference between L2 VPN and L3VPN. How EVPN used with

MPLS L3VPN is a kind of PE-based L3VPN technology for service provider VPN solutions. It uses BGP to advertise VPN routes and uses MPLS to forward VPN packets on service provider backbones. MPLS L3VPN provides flexible networking modes, excellent scalability, and convenient support for MPLS QoS and MPLS TE. Hence, it is widely used. MPLS L3VPN MPLS Layer 3 VPNs Inter-AS and CSC Configuration Guide Apr 02, 2017 BGP MPLS VPN and peering question - Cisco Community

– VPN label is learned via BGP; corresponds to the VPN address • P1 does the Penultimate Hop Popping (PHP) • PE1 retrieves IP packet (from received MPLS packet) and forwards it to CE1.

在bgp/mpls ip vpn组网中需要进行如下部署: CE与PE之间需要实现路由信息交换,所以需要部署静态路由、RIP、OSPF、IS-IS或BGP路由协议。 所有PE分别与RR1和RR2建立MP-BGP邻居关系,然后RR1和RR2指定所有PE作为客户机,RR1和RR2互为备份,保证网络的可靠性。 Difference between L2 VPN and L3VPN. How EVPN used with L3 MPLS VPN – forwards based on the L3 address of the L3 PDU. The L3 PDU is encapsulated in the transport protocol (MPLS). With MPLS VPN, MP-BGP is used to distribute L3 forwarding information between sites for routes within the VPN. EVPN – Another form of multipoint L2 VPN (LAN type service). Can use MPLS or VXLAN for transport.