Pause your search history: Select Pause search history. This option will keep searches from being saved until search history is re-enabled. Automatically delete your search and watch history. You can choose to delete your YouTube search and watch history automatically after a certain amount of time. On your computer, go to your Google Account

When I went into settings, I noticed that my search history was being recorded. I decided to turn that off, and to clear the history of my searches that were already recorded. However, when I tried to do that, it didn't work. When trying to delete a single search query, nothing happened. Delete YouTube Search History. Login to YouTube using your credentials. And now select the My Videos button. In the left column, you will find History tab. This will show you the list of the videos that you have recently watched. And from there, you can either opt to remove selected videos or else you can get rid of all the videos. These are Mar 01, 2007 · To delete individual searches from drop down menu in the Yahoo! Home Page 'Web Search' bar: Hover pointer on search to highlight, then hit the 'delete' key on your keyboard. Hold down 'delete' key to delete all. To clear passwords, pages, web search history, and temporary files in Yahoo! Web Search bar with IE6 Browser: (Clear Cache) 1. YouTube search not working is a common problem when YouTube fans are using Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. There are many situations like sudden crashes, YouTube search bar not working, buttons not working properly, videos not loading for an infinite period of time, and not playing.

How to Delete Old Searches in My History. Deleting your browsing history is a relatively simple process. The actual procedure will vary slightly depending on which Internet browser you are using, but all of them offer a means by which to remove the history.

Jan 29, 2009 · Press You image interior the main appropriate maximum appropriate nook, a gaggle of issues like 'Favorites' Or 'PlayList' ought to arise click history it truly is going to deliver You To all the movies you have seen.. you need to click on particular ones you choose to Delete or in simple terms click sparkling All Viewing history wish I Helped !!

Under 'Activity controls', click YouTube History, then click Manage activity. In the top-right corner, click More Keep activity for… Click the button for how long you want to keep your activity Next Confirm to save your choice. View or clear your search history. To view or delete what you've previously searched for on YouTube, go to your

How to remove/disable Youtube search bar history? I want to disable the Youtube search bar history. Where you type in something, hit enter, and when you type in the same thing, it automatically shows is purple and has the "dismiss" option. I'm trying to get rid of this feature all together. I know it's a Youtube thing and not The Ghacks blog, via its reader Odio, points out you can now go to this settings page on YouTube to get to the new options. There are actually two settings to change: First, click on "Pause search