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If you use a VPN, as you should, then keep reading to learn How to Set DNS Automatically Using OpenVPN # What I did was take advantage of the fact that I use a VPN 1 with the OpenVPN app 2 and I configured my .ovpn file to uses a specific DNS every time it connects to the VPN network by adding the following line: dhcp-option DNS X.X.X.X Voilà. routing - OpenVPN: Push a route to client with a different push "route 1" From the OpenVPN man page:--route network/IP [netmask] [gateway] [metric] This tells the server config to "push" to the client, the route command which sets a networking route of the subnet via the gateway with a metric of 1. Metrics are used to give "preference" if multiple routes exist (such that the lowest cost wins). OpenVPN / [Openvpn-users] how to configure server.conf Hi, I have following setup mypc(192.1683.5.6)--server( ---vpnserver( --network ( I can connect to vpn but cannot ping

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