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2020-7-24 · Many Internet Explorer problems are caused by add-ons. Unfortunately, removing unwanted add-ons from Internet Explorer can take some work. This is particularly true of the add-ons that you didn’t invite. Unlike the add-ons that you might choose to simplify your life or improve your media viewing, unwanted add-ons (those rogue programs that attach themselves to […] Can't remove add-ons • mozillaZine Forums 2018-9-16 Timeline for disabling legacy add-ons on addons.mozilla 2018-9-14 · Cross-posted from the Add-ons Blog. Mozilla will stop supporting Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) 52, the final release that is compatible with legacy add-ons, on September 5, 2018.. As no supported versions of Firefox will be compatible with legacy add-ons after this date, we will start the process of disabling legacy add-on versions on (AMO) in September. Opera add-ons

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at this point all the add-ons have ridden in beta without blocklist for several cycles. This is just to remove from blocklist so all add-ons marked MPC=true can get e10s. Our goal is really to not get in between what the authors set unless there is a big issue.

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